Sunburn is caused due to overexposure of body parts to the harmful ultraviolet rays, which leads to inflammation of the skin. Sunburn can also be accompanied by certain other problems like nausea, blisters, peeling of skin, dizziness and sensitivity to light. The body must be protected from sunburn, and ideal way is to face as less exposure to sunlight as possible, and one should avoid going outside between 10 am to 3 pm as this is the duration of intense UV rays.

The home remedies for sunburn are not only helpful in treating the sunburn, but also in avoiding it to quite an extent. The best way to protect oneself from sunburn is intake of lot of fluids in order to prevent dehydration, and also replace the loss of water due to sunburn. In how to treat sunburn to avoid the brunt of sunburn, one should eat high-content protein foods and raw fruits to fulfill the appropriate need of body for vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil and sandalwood oil are very effective in healing the burnt skin due to their cooling properties. Application of coconut or neem oil on the body, before and after taking bath is considered as a useful remedy for sunburn.

An effective home remedy for sunburn is to apply the paste of four tablespoon of buttermilk and two tablespoon of tomato juice for half an hour, and then wash it off. Similarly, paste of turmeric, barley and yoghurt in equal proportions also gives immense relief when applied on the sunburn area. Intake of juice of raw mango along with salt and sugar is very effective in combating sunburn, and is highly recommended at least thrice a day.

There are certain very easy to follow home remedies, which if followed on regular basis prevents the occurrence of sunburn to quite an extent. Suppose you are going out during the day time when UV rays are on peak, you must wear sunglasses and clothes should be light in colour and weight. Whenever you out, do not forget to apply sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher, and be specific that the sunscreens you use are protective against UVA and UVB rays. And if at all you are affected with sunburn, do not apply any cream or jelly on the affected area as they trap heat and affect the skin further. In fact the area affected with sunburn heals faster when exposed to air. Prevention is better than cure, so one should be vigilant about these small facts to avoid severe problems later.