LASIK eye surgery, which can be a vision correction procedure, is quite popular for two important reasons - post-surgery recovery time is relatively short and the surgery not only takes about 15 minutes per eye but it’s comparatively a painless procedure. It’s very common for patients to regain their vision daily after being worked on.

LASIK is actually not a new procedure for it has existed since the early 1980s. It had been quite unknown afterward cause the processes necessitates manually dissecting the cornea rather than many physicians could manage it. However, with the advent of technologies, lasers were used instead and LASIK sprang to life as it could fix eyesight fast and painlessly.

The surgery procedure itself

Surgeons use either a microkeratome or laser to accomplish this task. When the flap is made, it’s folded back to obtain access into the layers underneath. Then the surgeon will use an infrared light beam to reshape the cornea. Once TX is done, the flap is put into its original position. The entire process generally takes around 15 minutes or not.

That’s why people with eye problems such as astigmatism normally opt for LASIK although astigmatism could be treated with other procedures, depending on the severity of the problem and price range.

What happens after the operation is over?

There is not any need to stay overnight at the hospital. The operation itself takes about 15 minutes or less and a few hours rest is often deemed sufficient. They will then be discharged and remainder. Standard procedure would be to eye-shield the eye for a day following the surgery. Do note that several hours after the surgery, there can be some irritation. Pain relievers are often utilized to treat this ordinary issue. Many have watery eyes, itchiness or feel using a fuzzy vision but it’s very normal. Just remember not to rub the eyes as it might damage the corneal flap.

When to restart play and work

Patients often feel they can resume work per day or two after the operation but the stakes thing to do would be to break for a week and refrain from activities that can strain the eyes.

Go to get a checkup

Eye check-up is usually required couple of days after the operation, and physicians will usually prescribe the use of eye drops to include swelling or infections.